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How do I remove discontinued styles from my web site?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Discontinued styles are automatically removed from your web site as long as you have an active subscription for the collection*.

1) If quantity on hand/stock info is entered in your eSC admin panel, a discontinued style will never be automatically removed. The system will remove only the sizes and colors that you don't have in-stock, and the remaining styles and colors you have in stock will still be available to purchase on your web site.

2) You can sync a BBL or P&B Formalware POS system with eStyleCentral to keep your QOH/stock info updated.

3) When a style is "removed" from your web site, either automatically or because you approved it to be removed in your "Manage Preloaded Collection Activity" area, it is still available as an inactive style for at least 2 years from the discontinued date by searching in your admin panel under "Manage Products". You can choose to enable it again so you can sell stock any you have.

*The exceptions to this are if the style is a custom product you created that is not from our preloaded database or if you uploaded styles from our preloaded database before the subscription system existed (Prior to May 2013).  You can remove old preloaded database styles that are not part of a subscription by going to "Manage Products" -> "Choose a Collection/Category to Manage its Products" -> under "Collection/Category:" choose "Older Than 1 Year Products w/No Subscription".

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