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How do I remove a collection I no longer carry?
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Proper procedures for removing collections

If you are not ordering a collection going forward you should always deactivate your subscription for this collection first! You may not upload a collection to your website if you have not ordered that collection for the current season.

To deactivate a subscription - Go to Manage Products > Manage Preloaded Collection Subscriptions > Click Edit next to the collection to be deactivated > Change the "Subscription Type" to Single Unsubscribed > Scroll to the bottom and click Submit.

This will move the subscription from the "Preloaded Collection Subscriptions" tab to the "Previous Uploads" tab. If you ever order the collection again in the future you can simply reactivate the subscription by changing the Subscription Type back to Recurring.

There are two ways to properly remove images of collections from your website:
  1. Manage Collection Categories - Follow this procedure to remove the Collection Name and all images related to that collection. Note that th is will completely remove any remnant of this collection, including any styles to which you have added inventory, from your website.

    This option is only recommended if both of these are true:
    a) You have no (or very little) inventory on this collection
    b) You never intend to order this collection ever as long as you live

    -In Manage Collections/Categories - Select the collection in the Delete Collection/Category name drop down; MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SELECTED the CORRECT NAME!
    Leave the default option - " Delete Collection/Category name and all images, even if those images are in other Col/Cats"
    -Click Submit
  2. Manage Products - Use this procedure to leave a collection name on your website, while removing all (or most) of the images of a collection from your website.This allows you to leave the collection name on your website, which is the best thing to do for search engine optimization. It is never good to remove a collection name from your website unless you absolutely must. This is the recommended option if either or both of these are true:

    a) You have inventory on styles in this collection; if you do you should leave those styles on your website, but only show the sizes/colors you have available.
    b) If there is ANY possibility that you may order this collection again in the future. 

    If you do leave the collection name on your website enter appropriate text in the text field to explain why the images of the entire collection are not present, i.e. "We did not order this collection this season, but please continue to shop one of our other exciting collections!"

    In Manage Products select the collection name from the Products pull down menu.
    -Click Submit
    -Click Show All
    -Click Check All
    -Scroll through the styles and uncheck any styles that you have in inventory or that you want to leave on your website for any reason.
    Select "Make Checked Inactive"
    -Click Submit
    -Add your inventory to the styles you have left on your website, be sure to select the "Inventory Only" option so that only the size(s)/color(s) you have available can be ordered.
You can watch this video for instructions on adding inventory:
Updated Info on Inventory Management Feature

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